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Brand: Party Propz

Color: Multicolor Yellow Backdrop


  • LARGE 13 PCS | HALDI MEHNDI DECORATION ITEMS :-The Haldi Mehndi wall decoration set included 2 pieces of yellow net curtains, 1 piece of led light, 2 pieces of artificial leaves, 2 pieces of hooks, 1 piece of ribbons, and 5 pieces of marigold garland. These elegant yellow net curtains are perfect for adding a touch of grace and sophistication to your Haldi Mehndi ceremony. Hang them around the venue to create a soft, dreamy ambiance that complements the festivities.
  • MARIGOLD GARLAND WITH YELLOW NET DECORATION :- Transform your diwali decor, durga puja decoration items into a colorful and lively event with our Yellow Net Curtains. Our Haldi Mehndi Decoration Items for Marriage offer endless possibilities for creativity. Combine the yellow net curtains with Marigold garlands and green leaves to create stunning decoration arrangements. Additionally, the transparent curtain design allows you to add lights, making the decorations even more enchanting.
  • VERSATILE DECORATION ITEMS :- This yellow net curtain with marigold garland set is providing ample material for various decoration purposes. Whether you want to create puja backdrop decoration cloth for the stage, divide a large space into intimate areas, or adorn arches and entrances with a touch of elegance, these curtains offer endless possibilities. With their versatility, you can transform any venue into a visually stunning setting that perfectly.
  • MARIGOLD GARLANDS AND GREEN LEAVES :- Along with the yellow net curtains, this backdrop for pooja decoration or mehndi haldi decoration set also includes marigold garlands and green leaves for decoration. Marigold is a traditional flower backdrop for decoration used in Indian weddings and cultural celebrations, symbolizing prosperity and happiness. The inclusion of marigold garlands and green leaves enhances the visual appeal of the decorations, creating a beautiful and auspicious atmosphere.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REUSABLE: This Yellow Net Curtains backdrop decoration items with artificial green leave are designed for convenience and ease of use. Each curtain comes with pre-attached hanging loops, making it simple to install and arrange. In this backdrop cloth for decoration pooja is lightweight net fabric is easy to handle and can be reused for multiple events, allowing you to create stunning decorations without the hassle of purchasing new items every time

Part Number: DEOCR01

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Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 12.4 x 5.2 inches


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