Mall2Mart brings to you a brand based affiliate program. No common categories, no flat commission. Just pick your own choice of brands for the exclusive products sold by mall2mart that you feel can generate higher commission for you and start earning instantly. You can also earn flat commissions on the products sold via Social Commerce Network as well. The commission structure is given below:

Exclusive Products Distributed By Mall2Mart

Product Name Category Commission in %
Ketones Omega 3 Fish Oil Fish Oil 10%

Brands Sold By Mall2Mart

Brand Name Category Commission in %
CADBURY Food 0.5%
ORIENT Electronics 3%
OMEGA'S Electronics 3%
BREEZALIT Electronics 10%
ASITIS Exercise & Fitness 4%
BIG MUSCLES Exercise & Fitness 4%
BSN Exercise & Fitness 4%
CELLUCOR Exercise & Fitness 4%
DABUR Exercise & Fitness 4%
DYMATIZE Exercise & Fitness 4%
DYNAMI Exercise & Fitness 4%
GNC Exercise & Fitness 4%
HIMALAYA Exercise & Fitness 4%
MYFITNESS Exercise & Fitness 4%
MUSCLE DOCTOR Exercise & Fitness 4%
MUSCLEBLAZE Exercise & Fitness 4%
MUSCLEPHARM Exercise & Fitness 4%
MUSCLETECH Exercise & Fitness 4%
MUTANT Exercise & Fitness 4%
NATURE'S BEST Exercise & Fitness 4%
OPTIMUM NUTRITION Exercise & Fitness 4%
PATANJALI Exercise & Fitness 4%
SAN NUTRITION Exercise & Fitness 4%
SCIVATION Exercise & Fitness 4%
USI Exercise & Fitness 4%


Default Commission Structure

The following commission structure is applicable on all the products listed on Mall2Mart platform. However, if you opt to sell products from the aforementioned brands or products, then the commission structure defined on that Brand or product will apply. 

Level Name Total Order Value Commission in %
Welcome ₹0 - ₹99 0.1%
Zero ₹100 - ₹2000 0.5%
Starter ₹2001 - ₹5000 1.0%
Silver ₹5001 - ₹10000 1.5%
Gold ₹10001 - ₹25000 2.0%
Diamond ₹25001 - ₹50000 2.5%
Ace ₹50001 - ₹200000 3.0%
Star ₹200001 - ₹500000 3.5%
Superstar Greater than ₹500000 4.0%



How does Mall2Mart affiliate program works?

First register yourself by clicking on the "Register Now" button given at the bottom of this page. Then generate referral links of any product sold on Mall2Mart website and add those links on your website to earn commission on that product. Whenever any visitor follows the links of our products, you earn a pre-defined commission on every sale.

How will I benefit from this program?

With about 20000 products and more than 150 categories of products, Mall2Mart offers you to increase your income with our wide range of inventory to choose from. Hence, this increases chances of a sale via your website.

Are there any cost to join Mall2Mart affiliate program?

There is no cost is associated with our affiliate program. Just register, promote and earn money quickly.

Which products and brands are eligible for Mall2Mart affiliate program?

All products "Sold by Mall2Mart" and the products "Sold via Social Commerce Network" are eligible for the affiliate program.

Why do you offer brand based affiliate program on the products "Sold By Mall2Mart"?

Usually category based affiliate program doesn't give a wide range of options to  choose from to the affiliates, hence we felt a brand based affiliate program can eliminate this issue. Therefore, we offer a brand based affiliate program on the products "Sold By Mall2Mart".

Where can I track my referrals?

Once you sign-in to your dashboard, you can see the link for "Sales" section in the sidebar menu. Once you follow this link, you can see all the referrals here with complete details.

Why one of my referrals was rejected?

Sometimes, it is possible that we don't have that product in our inventory for which we received an order. Hence in such case, we wait for a fixed time for more inventory of such product and if it cannot be fulfilled, we would have to cancel the order. Additionally, we may find misuse or violation of our policy regarding our affiliate program and hence, we may decide to not take any order of yours which may result in your referral sale being rejected.

Can I modify my referral code in URL?

Yes we offer the option to modify the referral code of yours. Go to account option where you can type any code that you are willing to generate for your easiness and readability.

How does my payouts work?

The payout methods may change according to our feasibility. We may either send you a Cashgram link affiliated by Cashfree Payment Gateway or we may be needed your UPI number for an instant payment. We may sometimes ask your bank account details if we are not able to process payouts from the aforementioned payouts methods. The details include Account number, Name of account holder and IFSC code for the payout to be processed.

What is the cookie duration on any products?

It is set to 20 days but it is subject to be changed as per the decision taken by the Mall2Mart management.

Is there payment threshold to be reached?

No we don't have any payment threshold set. One can earn commission with just a single order as well.

What if I don't have a website to add the links of Mall2Mart products?

No worries! just login to affiliate dashboard and generate referral links for our products and share those links with your family, friends and colleagues to earn commission on the sales you bring.

When do I receive the payouts?

You receive the payouts on every 1st date of every month for your monthly sale.


Lastly with quick payouts, easy integrations and quick response, we at Mall2Mart can give you a best affiliate program with an ease. So what are you waiting for? Click the button given below to register instantly and boost your monthly income to the next level. If you are already a registered affiliate, you can login and see your dashboard by clicking the "Login" button given below.

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