Oilanic Handmade Neem Wooden Dressing Handle Comb(7.5 Inches)- For Antidandruff & Hair Growth Men & Women Pack Of 4 Pcs


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Product Name: Oilanic Handmade Neem Wooden Dressing Handle Comb(7.5 inches)- For Antidandruff & Hair growth Men & Women pack of 4 Pcs Package Contains: 4 Piece of 7.5 Inch Wooden Comb with Handle Brand: Oilanic Composition: Neem Wood Product Quantity: 4 Nos Hair Type: All Hair Type Form: Others Combo: Pack of 4 Ideal for: Men & Women Usage/ Benefits: Made up of 100% Herbal Neem Wood, use these as any other hair comb. Neem Wood Comb enhances beauty of your hair and is natural Hair Styling Tool that controls hair loss and may promote hair regrowth. Weight: 400


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