Ketones Organic Mixed Fruit Jam 1kg, Stevia Added With Real Fruits, Organic And Keto Support, Low Calories, Best Meal Replacement

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Key Highlights -

  • Keto support, fruits added.
  • Rich Fibre source from fruits.
  • Rich in multi vitamins & minerals.
  • No artificial colours added.
  • Best pre/post workout.
  • Health boosting antioxidants.

Ketones's Mixed Fruit Jam is a sugar-free jam with less calories and no additional sugar.
Include a spoonful of mixed jam of ketones made with fresh and healthy fruits to brighten up the breakfast in the morning and desserts.

Diabetic Friendly- This jam has the heart and soul of a home-made jam. You won't regret making this a crucial component of your regular diabetic diet.

KETO Friendly- This jam is essential to your Keto diet plan if you want to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Include it in all of your favourite meals and beverages, including milkshakes, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheesecakes, and other everyday Keto dishes.

Stevia Sweetened- This jam is sweetened with stevia and is both a healthy and delectable alternative.

Ideal for persons who have sugar issues -
If you are on a no-sugar diet, you may say goodbye to all typical sugar-free jams that include artificial sweeteners. You can eat a lot of this jam without being concerned about artificial colours and chemicals. This jam has the sense of a handcrafted, lovingly prepared jam. Make this a regular part of your diet, and you will not be sorry.

Ideal for Keto support -
When we talk about health and Keto diets, it's easy to overlook the importance of a simple jam on toast for breakfast. You only miss it when you are unable to obtain it.



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