East Wing Formal Shoes For Men


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Title: "Elegant East Wing Men's Formal Footwear"

Product Name: "East Wing Men's Formal Shoes"

Package Contains: "One Pair of Men's Formal Shoes"

Outer Material: "Exquisitely Crafted from Synthetic Leather"

Sole Material: "Durable PVC for Lasting Comfort"

Color: "Timeless Black"

Closure: "Convenient Slip-On Design"

Weight: "Sturdy at 900 grams"

Description: These formal shoes are exquisitely crafted from synthetic leather, offering a timeless black color that perfectly complements your formal outfits. The durable PVC sole ensures lasting comfort, making them a dependable choice for various formal occasions. With a convenient slip-on design, these shoes combine style and ease seamlessly.

Weighing 900 grams, these formal shoes strike the perfect balance between sturdiness and comfort. Choose the East Wing Men's Formal Shoes for a touch of elegance in every step.


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