5 in 1 Matte Finish Lipstick in One Stroke (Pack of 2)


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Description - Also moisturizes your lips as well for long time.

It creates bold strokes and keep you trending.

It creates a soft/smooth texture as per its finish.

Smooth and comfortable application

Target Gender: Female; Skin Type: Normal

The Lipsticks for every teenage girl who wants to have fun and look good at the same time is here. Matte or Glossy is in trend and we have the range to keep you trending. Apply a different strokes of Lipstick to get the perfect look. These Color range of lipsticks gives high color payoff from a single stroke because of its new formulation. It last long because of the bold Matte texture. It has multi vibrant and fun shades to choose from for your every mood and every look. Storage in cool place.


Random colour


Pack of 2


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