Natraj Viva Atta Chakki, Flour Mill Fully Automatic Domestic Ghar Ghanti for Grinding Masala and Grains, with Standard Accessories (0.75 Unit/hr)

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Color: Viva Brown


  • Nutrients Retaining - Natraj atta chakki allows you to grind daals, pulses, grans and masalas. Freshly grinded atta is unlike the ready made attas at stores. We never compromise on the quality of the grind. The low temperature grinding helps retain the color, aroma, taste and more importantly the nutrents are retained that are usually lost because of high temperature grinding. Natraj atta chakki uses low operating temprature
  • 60% Extra Energy Saving - The atta chakki utilizes 0.75 units of energy per hour to grind 7 to 10 kgs. With the motor power of 1 H.P. and a speed of 2800 RPM the machine even works perfectly even at a low voltage of 175V.
  • Technology - Powerful and dynamically balanced designed motor with german technology that is absolutely silent and the uniquely designed filter prevents moisture and makes aata container handling leakproof. 100% food-grade grinding chamber with LM 6 alloy aluminum keeps the chamber cool and gives longer life. Micro process-based controlling units provide hassle-free auto grinding functions for life.
  • Safety Features - For accident-proof functioning on opening the door, the machine gets off automatically. The electricity overload protection system safeguards its motor. With a bright LED door light illuminates the whole inside cabinet.
  • Grind - The atta chakki can grind wheat and dal and to name some, the machine can also grind maize, haldi, kali mirchi, coffee, jawar, bajra, ragi and corn. For an effective grind make sure the contents that you wish to grind are dry.
  • Comes with 7 jaalis of different sizes - The atta chakki Comes with 7 jaalis of different sizes and styles for specific grind and fineness levels. All jaalis are made of stainless steel and brass making them strong for long-lasting and safe use. The atta chakki also Comes with a set of cleaning brushes cleaner so that you can easily clean the machine after a grind. The Atta Chakki is fully assembled and ready to use.

Part Number: 101

Details: ADVANTAGE OF DOMESTIC AATACHAKKI AT HOME: Freshly grind homemade Aata is full of Nutrition and Fibers. Aata with fibers is easy to digest and hence less fat generation, resulting into fit body. No adu ...

Package Dimensions: 37.8 x 22.0 x 16.1 inches


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