Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock Smart Space Saver Bags (Pack of 5) 2 Small (50 cm x 60 cm), 2 Medium (60 cm x 80 cm), 1 Large (70 cm x 100 cm) with Hand Pump for Travel


Sale priceRs. 660.00


Vacuum seal bags, without tired packings, a must-have for traveler —Which are the perfect gifts for you store your textiles at home or go out for a trip ! Eco--friendly storage Bags: How to Use : Please slide the zipper across the bag 2-3 times and use your hand to press the sealing line,then vacuum out the air, tighten the cap and make sure the rubber stopper is fitted. Ideal for : Large duvet, blanket, comforter, winter coats, sweaters, giant beach towels, packing for travels. Everything that was placed inside, stays nice and wrinkle free also kept away from dust or any dirt
Color: White
Type: Regular Size
Style: Solid
Material: PU
Length: 5.0 (in inches)
Width: 5.0 (in inches)
Height: 1.0 (in inches)
Country of Origin: India
Usability: Reuseability.
Product type: Organizers
Packaged items: Multi packed


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