Usi Battle Ropes, Twisted And Braided

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Type: Braided
Length(in meters): 9.0
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When John Brookefield created battling ropes, he based his training concept on velocity endurance and strength endurance on which major workouts are done. Braided Battle Rope by USI is perfect when you are aiming for an intense workout along with providing you strength and cardio training. USI’s braided battle rope is made from braided polyester and the coated handles are made in a way to lend you that perfect grip. Moreover, it gives a smooth mobility while sweating it out and does not get frayed. It renders that wave effect when you are doing HIIT or working your triceps, biceps, shoulder, legs, back or an intense cardio workout. The rope will provide you high consistency and durability irrespective of weather conditions, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be wall mounted and is non-skid while using it for there is no break in your workout. So, beat the monotonous workout of weightlifting and treadmills and get your hands on braided battle rope for an intense full body workout.


Made up of high quality polyester and polypropylene for the best workout experience. These battle ropes has been tested for its durability and strength so you can be assured of the quality that USI provides. The coated handles ensure that you have a better hold while exercising.

USI braided or twisted battle rope is available in options like (categories) 9 Mtrs. (30 Ft. ) , 15 Mtrs (50 ft. ) with 38mm diameter.


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