Universal Four Seater Sofa Cover Big Elasticity Cover for Couch Flexible Stretch Sofa Slipcover (Four Seater)


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Universal suitable to over 99% home sofa size between: GREAT PROTECTION: These sofa covers are perfect to protect your sofas from spills, stains, wear and tear to prevent it from getting ruined. These are breathable, long-lasting and no fading. 4 seat : Big Sofa length between 90' - 118' (230 - 300 cm) How to install: Steps 1: Position the slipcover over the sofa with the label at the back Steps 2: Pull the fabric evenly over the sofa, and push white sponge cylinders in spaces between the cushions, shaping the cover to the sofa and keeping fabric tight Steps 3: Tilt the sofa up and find elastic ties. Pull the front and back ties together tightly and tie. Pull the side ties together and tightly Steps 4: Put the sofa down and pull the cover tight along with excess fabric to the back Steps 5: Enjoy your newly covered sofa! Package Include: 1 x Four Seater Sofa Cover

Country of Origin: China



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