Soft Cloth Book For Baby (Pack of 2)


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Product Name- Soft Cloth Book For Baby

 Package Contain - Pack of 2

Material - Fabric

L-B-H -6.5*7*3.5


?Soft Cloth Book baby first book is perfect for Baby's vision which is underdevelopment when they are 1-6 months,all they can see a blurry silhouette black and white. That's why these black, white, and bright high contrast color cloth books are important at first stage. High contrast patterns are the best to catch baby's attention. Through staring at or tracking these high contrast color to train baby's vision and attention. Great for newborn up to 1 year old.

With the high quality fabric material and the size of 6 inch your new born baby from the age of 1 month to 6 months can enjoy this.- random colour and design


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