Small Microfiber Car Duster For Household And Car Interiors


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brush bristles is made of ultra-fine fibers, uses ultra-fine fiber materials used to wipe optical lenses, especially soft and difficult to scratch the paint surface. Its superior adsorption force can be easily removed from the body surface of the dust and dirt Super long life, removable cotton brush head for easy cleaning and repeated cleaning, handle uses high-strength engineering plastics, tough not broken. Ergonomic design, feel soft and comfortable, both non-slip and lightweight, increase grip strength can be easily operated. When being used, no need for touch the water, as long as use cotton yarn to contact with the body surface, gently sassafras try again, that is, to achieve dust, glazing time. And dust-proof lasting effect, can make any corner of the dust is no longer flying. After use only gently shake dust removal wax, you can eliminate the dust inside the dust.

Country of Origin: India



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