Rain Shower Filter With Arm


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Plumbing Line Must Be A Minimum Of 210 Cm Or 6.8 Ft From The Floor For Best Results Unique 4 Layer Filtering System That Removes The Harsh Effects Of Hard Water & Chlorine - Helps Reduce Hair Fall, Dry Skin And Other Dermatological Issues. Rain Shower Head With A Filter Inside That Gives You Clean Water For Your Daily Showers. Wide 240Mm Diameter Disc For A Luxurious Showering Experience Self-Cleaning Nozzles - No Clogging, No Additional Cleaning Required. Fits On 18'' Shower Arm With 1/2'' Connector - Original Accessory: 19'' Shower Arm Available Easy 3 Minute Diy Installation, No Plumber Needed. Prevents Limescale And Bacteria Build-Up And Eliminates Bad Odour Affordable Replacement Cartridges With Long Cartridge Life Of 25,000 Litres Or Up To 6 Months (Actual Life Depends On Usage And Water Quality)

Country of Origin: India



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