Radiance CFL UPS Mini Invertor can (PT-300) with 12V 7.2 AH Battery

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  • CFL UPS mini invertor can charge with battery and solar energy
  • Components Included : battery mother board led lights and connected with wire
  • Capacity : 45volts
  • Installation: Please check with the seller at the time of delivery for installation of your Inverter. If you are installing inverter/battery for the first time then you may need additional electrical wiring setup. Charges may vary depending on the requirement of additional wiring and electrical socket installation.

model number: PT-300

Part Number: PT-300

Details: Description

cfl mini invertor can charge with battery and solar energy with the capacity of 45 volts. At homes and offices, it can be used to 3 cfl 9W, laptop (adapter compatible only for up to 45w), wi-fi , mobile, tablet, dth, led tv, led lights, and much more. It is portable thereby allowing it to be used anywhere, be it at homes, offices, warehouses, shops or even in four-wheelers. for camping and picnics and it can be charged once and supply for several hours.

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.4 x 4.3 inches


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