PrettyNutty Healthy Nutmix 500g, Dried Almonds, Black Raisins, Cashewnuts, Cranberries, Green Raisins, Walnut Kernels & Many More.

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Brand: PrettyNutty


  • Almonds, cashews nuts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds, green raisins, black raisins, We almost ran out of breath. Take things to the next level with this superfood mix!
  • Each ingredient in this trail mix is individually prepared and then combined to bring out that burst of flavour that is perfectly balanced and tastes just right
  • Cashews nuts and almonds that have been halved for more texture and slow-roasted without any additional seasoning to retain their flavour give you the best crunch and taste
  • Hear ye vegans, fitness enthusiasts, foodies: your post-workout and daily nutritional requirements are all sorted thanks to the high protein and high dietary fibre in thus mixed dry fruits snack. We love you too!
  • Nothing but goodness: This trail mix contains NO GMOs, artificial flavours, or preservatives and is free of trans fat
  • Take your day to the next level by topping it with this trail mix!

Details: Why change anything that’s already perfect? This mix is an ode to the natural flavour profiles of each nut, berry, seed, and bean! From nuts that are split to enhance the texture to berries that are tossed in for that sweet-sour bliss, each ingredient in this snack truly shines on its own. A goody meant for everyone; you need no excuse to munch on the wholesome and delish combination of elements that come together beautifully. Take your day to the next level by topping it with this mix!

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches


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