Paper Boat Swing Zesty Pomegranate Juice, Enriched with Vitamin D, No Gmos, 1.2 Litre


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Brand: Paper Boat

Color: Maroon


  • A single sip will remind you of the juicy red beads, brimming with good health just for you
  • Swing zesty pomegranate is made to make you better, enriched with vitamin D, each serve of this drink takes care of 50% of your daily vitamin D requirements
  • Source of ascorbic acid which gives this drink its vitamin c properties-- and you know how good that is!
  • What's more? Swing zesty pomegranate does not contain any GMOs and made from food that's gluten-free by nature!
  • 1200ml bottle

Release Date: 05-05-2022

Details: Description

Ruby red, just the right kind of sweet, and a boost for the rest of your day. There’s nothing like swing zesty pomegranate to beat the heat. First you drink it with your eyes and then you let its taste take over you. Absolutely tasty and filled with vitamin d, this drink has got your back this summer!.

EAN: 8906080603303

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 3.3 x 3.1 inches


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