Night Light Intelligent Projector Lamp for Children/Bedroom Desk


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Description Stargazing is an incredibly enjoyable way to end an evening. It can be romantic, peaceful, and relaxing. The problem with this wonderful activity is its reliance on things so deeply out of your control. Bad weather can ruin star visibility, cold winds can make it unbearable to stay outside, and city lights can make the sky to bright to really take in nature's natural light. Enjoy the beautiful view of a starry night from the comfort of your own bedroom. This star projector will project white, green,blue,or red stars on your walls and ceiling. Features: Colour changing Long-lasting Transforms your room into a fantastic display of colours Projects four colors:black,purple,pink,blue Functions best in a completely dark room Requires three AAA batteries (not included) Package Included: 1x star projector

Country of Origin: India



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