New Stylish And Dustproof And Waterproof Car Body Protection Cover For Endevour


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It is a dust proof car body cover that prevents your car from Dust, Bird Droppings, Snow, Leaf, Getting Heated & Mild Scratches (Note* - This body cover is not waterproof at all) It is made up of a quality Matty fabric with triple stitch technology that adds extra strength to the body cover To make it windproof and even more durable there is belt and buckle at the bottom of the cover and comes with elastic at both front and rear side of the cover.

Country of Origin: India

Usability: Reusable
Material :Matty fabric
Color: Gray
Accessory Designed For: Endevour
Type of Automobile Accessories: Car cover
Packaging: Packet
Packaged Items: Single Packed


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