New Flawless Pain Free Hair Remover Machine For Multi Grooming


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Removes Facial Hair Instantly and Painlessly from Lip, Chin, Cheeks Make the skin smooth and delicate. No more irritation, redness or cuts. 18K Gold-Plated in Beautiful Rose Gold, Discreet and Portable Discreet and portable. Gentle enough to use every day - no downtime waiting for regrowth makes the skin smooth and delicate Suitable for women and men of all ages. Easy to install and use durable and water-resistant. Flawless insist on providing high-quality products. Please open the head first to check whether there is a blade inside. [Multi-functional & Effective] This eyebrow trimmer can be used not only for your eyebrow but also can be used for your face, lip, chin, and so on. Just a few minutes, removing even the smallest hairs instantly. No cell or battery provided.

Country of Origin: China



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