Nestlé Kitkat Bars 28.5g- 3 Fingers


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Brand: KIT KAT

Color: Brown


  • PACK CONTENT: The pack contains KITKAT wafer bar of 28.5g
  • CRISPY WAFER BAR: Indulge in the delicious crispy wafer bar and make your breaks delightful
  • HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT: Just unwrap your KITKAT, break off one of the fingers, snap into two and enjoy!
  • ENJOY A DELICIOUS BREAK: Savour a delicious break alone or with your friends
  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Each serve (1 finger) gives approx. 41 kcal

Release Date: 02-08-2022

Part Number: Kit Kat

Details: Description NESTLÉ® KITKAT® is the ideal partner for your breaks. The iconic KITKAT® taste and texture with the crispiness of the wafer bar will delight your senses and make your breaks delicious. Indulge in this delicious crispy treat alone or share it with your loved ones. Just unwrap your KITKAT®, break off one of the fingers, snap into two and enjoy! HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT®.

EAN: 8901058904741

Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches


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