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Flavor: Choco Delight
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The new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar in Choco-Delight Flavour is made to be your buddy in need. You can grab this protein bar anytime and anywhere for a whopping 22g of protein per serving. With the goodness of international quality Whey sourced from the USA, MuscleBlaze® make sure that they deliver nothing but the best to you. Thus MuscleBlaze® brings to you a bar that will tame your hunger pangs and eliminates unhealthy snacking to make you stick to your fitness goal dedicatedly. Even if you do not perform any kind of workout, this Protein Bar with 9.5g of net carbs has always got your back and will never leave you starving at awkward times and lonely places. You can also grab one in place of your breakfast while in hurry to kickstart your day. 


MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar is made using protein sourced from only the best vegetarian sources thus make an ideal choice for an anytime snack. Made of all things good, this protein bar is available in Choco-Delight flavor which adds to the reasons why you must consider this as your go-to buddy for those intense and stubborn hunger pangs.


Each serving of this bar (72g) contains 22g of protein that helps you in muscle synthesis and recovery. This bar is an ideal choice for bodybuilders and endurance athletes and they can use it as their post workout protein when their shaker is not around. This bar can also be used by people with moderate or regular activity as it will serve as a great snack replacement thus gradually helping them to eliminate unhealthy snacking.


With 9.5g of clean carbs, you can just slam your stubborn hunger pangs anytime anywhere with this handy bar which can easily rest in your pocket, backpack, or handbag. The carbs used to make this delectable bar are sourced from all clean and 100% vegetarian sources.

5.5g Fibre

Fibre is an essential part of healthy eating. With MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar you can be sure that each bite is full of nothing but good things. This fibre keeps your gut healthy and improves your digestion. It also improves your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients 

Nuts and Fruits

With the goodness of nuts and fruits including cranberries, this bar provides a decent dose of antioxidants and omega fatty acids that help eliminate the free radicals, bad cholesterol, and strengthens the immunity.


  • The all-new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar in delectable Choco Delight flavor is the new go-to protein source with 22g of protein per serving
  • Made using Whey sourced from the USA, this Protein Bar contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals to add to your healthy snacking
  • This snack replacement bar gives you 9.5g Net Carbs per serving to help you eliminate unhealthy snacking anytime and anywhere
  • This gluten-free protein bar is made using the international standards raw material sourced from the USA and provides 5.5g of fiber per serving
  • With zero added sugar, MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar contains 27 vital minerals and vitamins which aid in strengthening the immunity

Suggested Use:

This is a snack replacement bar with 22g of protein and 9.5g of clean carbs that help satiate the inter-meal hunger pangs and can also be used to get protein spike pre, or post workout.



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