Moon & Mount Dishwash Liquid Gel Lemon Can Jar, with Lemon Fragrance, Grease Cleaner For All Utensils, Dishwashing Liquid 5 Liter, Lemon

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Brand: Moon & Mount

Color: Yellow


  • ADVANCE OF MOON & MOUNT: Moon & Mount Dishwashing Liquid is your favorite companion in the kitchen to wash away the stains from your plates and cutlery. The gentle action of the organic dishwashing liquid will leave your plates clean without effecting your skin.
  • EASILY CLEAN FOOD STAINS & GREASE: Our Dishwashing Liquid is designed to gently deep clean your dishes, break down the organic remains and leave a soft, comforting fragrance.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY & BALANCED Ph: Our Dishwashing Liquid is skin friendly that are harmless to humans and break down organic food waste on plates. Our Advance formula helps to keeping our plates cleaner with skin protection.
  • POWER OF LEMON: Keeps the utensils sparkling clean and smelling fresh, Unlike the conventional dish soaps this leaves no residue on the dishes and gives you a sparkling cleans utensils with a refreshing smell.
  • HOW TO USE: Mix 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid in a small bowl of water, dip sponge and lather to wash a sink full of dishes OR pour a drop onto utensil. Our product will ensure your dishes are sparkling clean, tough grease, stains, cooking odours eliminated.

Part Number: MY - 1999

Details: dishwash liquid gel 5 litre, Moon & Mount Dishwashing Liquid Gel dishwashing liquid dishwasher detergent dishwasher liquid Why Moon & Mount Dishwasher Liquid: 1.Diolty DIshwash Gel is unlike the other Dishwash bars does not leave white residue which is visible after the utensils have dried and does not damage or scratch your expensive cookware’s delicate surfaces such as non stick or ceramic too. 2. Moon & Mount Dishwashing Liquid Gel is all you need to remove the toughest of grease from your utensils. 3. Its ensures that the toughest of grease is removed with ease without damaging your precious cookware. So whether it is mum’s burnt Halwa or your experimental Dal Makhani, sparkling clean utensils is something you will get everytime. Pleasent Fragrance Moon & Mount Dishwashing Liquid has Lemon Concentrate Elements which will give mild Fragrance of Lemon and Zero Irritative. Proudly Made in India for the World.

EAN: 0606113411421


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