Men's Red Viscose Printed Nehru Jackets


Size: M
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Red, blue and brown printed woven nehru jacket haS-a mandarin collar, sleevelesS-and 3 pocketsFeatures:Moisture Absorbent - It absorbS-twice aS-much moisture aS-cotton, making it the 'Most Thirsty Fabric'UV Protection - Hangup fabric protectS-the skin froM-harmful UV raysNatural Breathing - Hangup fabric iS-comfortable and easy, Insulating in winter and breathable in summer.Anti-Bacterial - Hangup use peach finish to make fabric soft to use and makeS-it 'Health Fabric' ,anti-bacterialInimitable Feel - The true feel of can never be replicatedMeticulouS-Weave - The Quality and detailing in the weave of fabric iS-the productSheer vibrancy - Over 20,000 high quality designS-of patternS-and textureS-to tailor fromFor A Lifetime- Hangup buy froM-Indian mail and make sure every wash keep the same finishAbout the Brand-BGN APPARELS, formed in the year 1980, iS-the brainchild of Shri Satish Gupta and family. Hangup dealS-in menswear which iS-currently being marketed in some major citieS-of India and aboardIt featureS-a collection that embodieS-the beauty of handcrafted embroiderieS-and fabricsThiS-label bringS-together couture sensibilitieS-and timelesS-style

Color: Red
Fabric: Viscose
Type: Nehru Jackets
Style: Printed
Country of Origin: India



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