Meneza Menstrual Cup - Large Size (for Women Under 30 Years Of Age And With Low Cervix)


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Once in a while, an invention comes along that changes the game for good. Inspired by the busy lifestyle, this menstrual cup for women provides benefits today’s fertile women seek. irritation-free, odourless, convenient menstruation cycle. Meneza Cup is a high-quality feminine product carefully crafted to work with a woman's body for healthy period management. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so convinced that you’ll love your Meneza Menstrual Cup size. If the size is incorrect, do contact us on the contact coordinates available on the cup packaging, we will replace your cup to another size, once within TWO MONTHS of purchase. No question asked. NO LEAKS, NO WORRIES: Setting the standard for leak-free, comfortable period protection, the Meneza Cup is engineered by women. While pads and tampons absorb, Meneza Cup collects!! BIO COMPATIBILE: Smart women know the need for a 100% genuine medical grade silicone, a regulatory compliant material for building a menstrual cup. Your cup is made from raw materials that are compliant to US PHARMACOPEIA Class VI, EURO Pharmacopeia and ISO-10993-1 requirements. SOFT AND FLEXIBLE: Considered as the best period cup for women, Meneza menstruation cups are not too soft, not too firm! When a menstrual cup is too soft, it may not stay open properly, and causes leakage; when it is too firm, it may cause discomfort! Meneza menstrual cups are just right! NO DRYNESS, NO INFECTIONS: Meneza Cup is made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone that doesn’t mess with your body. Furthermore, your cup is hypoallergenic and toxin-free. Meneza Cup holds at least 3 tampons worth and can be worn up to 12 hours, meaning you forget about your period. This eliminates irritation and dryness while ensuring the natural pH balance is kept intact inside the microflora. PERFECT SIZES FOR YOU: Meneza menstrual cup for women come 3 different sizes to suit who have not given birth and mothers. This menstrual cup for women provides more hygiene due to leak-free engineering design. Menstrual Cup Small Size: For women under 30 years of age and with low cervix, normal flow, 25 ml capacity, 42 mm diameter, 58 mm height. Menstrual Cup Medium Size: For women under 30 years of age or who have not given birth, normal flow, 29 ml capacity, 42 mm diameter, 64 mm height. Menstrual Cup Large Size: For women above 30 years of age or who have given birth, normal to heavy flow, 38 ml capacity, 47 mm diameter, 64 mm height.

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