Manna Go Grains Millet Health and Nutrition Drink, 1.2Kg Chocolate 400g(Pack of 3)

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Brand: Manna


  • Specially Formulated: Manna GoGrains is a wisely chosen blend of cereals, pulse and milk proteins and enriched with 24 micro nutrients.
  • 7 grains: Millets – Ragi, Jowar and Bajra; Cereals - Wheat, Maize and Barley; Pulse – Bengal gram.
  • Rich in Protein - from cereals, pulse, whey protein and milk powder – 2 serves of Go grains delivers almost 25% RDA* of protein for your child.
  • Manna GoGrains delivers 33% RDA *of 11 Minerals and 13 Vitamins in one serve for your Child’s overall growth and development along with multigrain goodness. (*RDA –Recommended Dietary Allowances ICMR 7-9 Yrs)
  • Rich Source of 24 micronutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C, D.

Details: Description

Manna Go Grains is a specially formulated blend of cereals, millets, pulses and milk protein, enriched with key vitamins and minerals for your child's overall growth and immunity. Each serve of Manna Go Grains delivers 8 grams of grains, 9% of your child's daily requirement of protein and 33% RDA of 24 vitamins & minerals.

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.1 x 5.9 inches


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