himalyan rock salt lamp (1-2 kg) for prosperty,happiness and home decoration


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Himalayan pink Rock salt Lamp is Hand Carved by our artisans from The 250 Millions year Old Rock Salt Blocks,mined from Khewra Salt mines. These Himalayan Pink Rock Salt mines are located at the foothills of Himalaya. Heated Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamps are natural ion generators.Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamp bind the negative ions with excess positive ions ( that are produced by electrical appliances and computers). When the Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamp become warm, they absorb moisture and the salt lamp become damp.This builds up the ion field.Use beautiful Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamp in your home office or at work to reduce fatigue. The Himalayan Pink Rock salt lamp will help neutralize the electromagnetic pollution emitted by computers and office equipment. ## due to variations in the rock no one can provide the exact shape and size.there are some in difference in it

Country of Origin: India



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