Herbal Antibacterial Hand sanitizer 100ml - Pack of 2


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Kill germs while leaving hands soft, smooth and hydrated. Unique germ protection formula that keeps you healthy. This foaming formula is gentle on the skin but tough on dirt and germs, so you can be sure you're giving your hands a clean that's complete. Put one bottle next to every sink to ensure fresh clean hands that are soft and supple. Perfect in kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, near pet grooming stations and more. Anti bacterial and nourishing foaming hand wash, contains moisturising and soothing properties, protects your hands in one single wash. Intercorp is manufacturer of a wide range of world class products that are focused on nutrition, personal hygiene, food, water and home care. We continually innovate and are driven to fulfil the needs of our customers

Country of Origin: India



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