Gum Berry Pickle (Lasode/Gunda Achaar) 400 gm-Price Incl.Shipping


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This pickle is an old traditional favourite of Gujarat and is of enormous popularity amongst all Gujaratis.This is a delightful combination of mustard, gunda and variety of spices! Enjoy our pickle with everyday food and beyond.Gunda is an Indian Berry found mainly in Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is also famously known as Lesua or Lesoda and has a tangy flavor.Its lipsmackingly good, addictive pickle that can be slathered over toast, used as a dip with chips or corn chips and a side with paratha, and rotis. : 'The Real Taste Of Rajasthani Pickle'

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle
Quantity (gm): 400.0 (in grams)
Quantity (kg): 0.4 (in kg)
Country of Origin: India
Types of Packaged Food:Pickles
Packaged Items:Single Packed
Brands:Aslee Paliwala Jain



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