Girnar Green Tea Bags - Detox / Desi Kahwa (pack Of 36 Bags X 3)

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Flavor: DETOX Desi Kahwa
Packed as: 1 Box 36 Bags X 3
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A divine blend of Indian spices and Green tea in one exhilarating cup - Girnar's Detox Green Tea Desi Kahwa. This hot beverage is a spicy & healthy twist to your daily routine, bringing warmth to your heart.

Finest tea leaves from lush green heights, fused with some treasured Indian spices to tantalise your senses. Mesmerizing aroma, dark amber liquor and perfectly balanced notes of delightful spices, this tea is our attempt at creating magic in a cup. A harmonious blend of green tea and spices housed in every Indian Kitchen, Desi Kahwa is curated to find its way to please your heart before food can.

To relish a cup of this old-school brew, you need just hot water and not your entire kitchen crew. 

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We set out about four decades ago with only six employees and limited resources, aiming to take Tea, the King of Beverages, all over the globe. A yearning to promote and offer world-class teas to our customers, with a passion for excellence was the prime ethos with which Girnar’s foundation was laid. It was the belief and conviction of our Founders that started our adventure and romance with Tea in the year 1978.

Years passed, times changed, our product range multiplied, Green tea made the world fitter while the world decided that Mars could be a second home too. What didn’t change was our love for tea and the zeal we started this adventure with.

In all these years, our recipe remained constant:

  • We took some boiling water; fuelled it with our relentless pursuit of achieving Customer Satisfaction.
  • To this, we added some Girnar Tea, made from handpicked leaves, tastefully blended to tantalise your senses.
  • Then we simmered the brew by maintaining Excellence In Product Quality.
  • Finished with a dash of milk or lime, we filtered it through the highest level of Corporate Integrity.

With these ingredients we have not only created the right mix for a steaming cup of your favourite Tea but also earned the reputation of being one of the Finest Tea Brands, with a respectable name amongst tea connoisseurs across the globe.

Keeping pace with the changing times, we have diversified from a company trading in bulk tea to offering a host of Branded Products such as Teas, Coffees, Spices, Bread, Cookies, Biscuits, Instant Food & Beverages under the name and style of Girnar.

Having touched the lives of millions of people across India and more than 48 countries globally, we work tirelessly to widen our horizons each and everyday, serving quality products every time.

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