Full Juda Bun Hair Flower Gajra Combo for Wedding and Parties (Red White) Colour Pack of 2


Sale priceRs. 360.00


Full Bun Hair Gajra for Women / Bridal / Girls etc. Going With Shot And Long Hairs, Specially Made For Traditional Occasions, Specially for South Indian Marriage and Programs, Used For Buns, It Can Be Reused. Gajra For Hair For Wedding Artificial Gajra For Hair Bun A unique Rose flower Bridal Full juda cover hair Gajra style Hair veni keeps you look good during functions. Gajra For Hair South Indian Flower A unique Gajra style veni keeps you look good during functions. Beautiful artificial hair gajra for the bun. Inspired by South Indian brides.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Other
Material: Fabric
Country of Origin: India



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