Freshwind Multi-purpose Vegetables Fruits Mesh Fridge Storage Washable Zip Bags (pack Of 12)


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Freshwind Fruit & Vegetable Fridge Bags- THE IDEAL COMPANION FOR YOUR KITCHEN These bags help to keep refrigerators organized and neat, avoiding spills and making more space to store the other products. These are not only meant to be used in fridge but can also be used to store food items in cabinets, drawers, or pantry, it may be used anywhere it fulfills its basic function of keeping your fridge, cabinet, drawer, pantry all organized saving your time to identify the product fast avoiding spills and creating more space for other products. These bags are made of mesh material avoiding the use of plastics. These bags are reusable. They can be easily folded and kept in drawer while not in use, hardly occupying any space in your drawer. Keeps the fridge, cabinet, pantry organized. These bags can also be used while washing veggies and fruits. These are multipurpose bags it can be used to keep cosmetics, toys, etc. The bags are featured with a zipper lid making it convenient to store fruit

Country of Origin: India
Usability: reusability
product type: storage
packed items: single packed
Width(in cm):24.0
Packaged Items:Multi Packed
Length(in cm):40.0


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