Electric Portable Air Compressor Inflator Pump for car, Bike, tubeless tyre. 12V 300 PSI air Pump for Bicycle, Football, Basketball (Black)


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Now stay away from the worry of running out of air because of a leak. Now you have nothing to fear when you start using the Electric Air Pump / Tyre Inflator. Material and Usage This air pump is designed in a very efficient and functional way. Anyone can use this pumper with ease. You can go ahead and get this started, you have to put the cigarette plug of air pump into DC 12V socket in car and place the connector on the valve of the tire tightly and close. Make sure that there is no air leak when you are using this device. After that, start the machine when the inflation is available. When you are inflating the tire, make sure that you are able to pay attention to the pointer gauge which will rise along as the degree of air pressure increase in tyre. Design and Features You will just need around 2 or 3 minutes with the air Pump / Tyre Inflator. When you see that you have reached the needed air pressure, just turn of the device and take out the nozzles
Country of Origin: India
Types of Electronic Appliances: Inflator Pump
Color: Black
Packaged Items: Multi Packed
Packaging; Box


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