Durable Smart Daypack-Backpack For Boys & Girls 10L


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We presents a daypack/10 L backpack With comfort and functionality as priorities, lots of people now use backpacks for their everyday commute — just throw it over your shoulders and you’re hands-free. Made for hikers who love hiking by the sea, in the countryside, in the forest and in low-altitude-mountains, this 10-litres hiking backpack has the perfect capacity for carrying all your essentials when you're out for just a few hours: a picnic, water and a windcheater. Be it your short trips or your daily travel across the city , Daypack has got you covered. With a 10 Litre capacity Daypack lets you carry your Wallet, Umbrella, Kerchief, Keys, Earphones, Notepads, Pens and other essentials. The drawstring compartment lets you dump things that you pick up on your way.

Country of Origin: India



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