Classic Tapper Fry Pan 22 cm diameter With 2.6 mm Thikness (Aluminium, Non-stick)


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Nonstick Tapper Fry Pan can cook all the foods that can be cooked in Hard Anodised Tava with less or no oil or butter, if required. The Futura Nonstick Tapper Fry Panare particularly preferred for cooking popular South Indian snacks such as Tapper Fry and uttapam. Less expert cooks will find it easy to produce great tasting results on Futura Nonstick Tapper Fry Pan, particularly with the help of clear step-by-step instructions in the Futura manual included with each product.

Color: Red
Type: Frying Pans
Material: Aluminium
Country Of Origin: India
Length: 24.5 (in cm)
Width: 24.5 (in cm)
Height: 5.5 (in cm)
Country of Origin: India
Usability: Reuseability
Product type: Kitchenware
Packaged items: single packed.


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