Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 18k Kurve Rxi Inverter R32 Inverter Air Conditioner

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Brand: Carrier

Color: White


  • 1. Flexi Cool 4-in-1: This suggests that the air conditioner has multiple modes of operation, which could include cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and fan-only modes.
  • 2. Follow Me: This feature usually means that the air conditioner comes with a remote control that includes a "follow me" function. This function allows the unit to adjust its settings based on the temperature at the location of the remote control.
  • 3. PM 2.5 Filter: This indicates that the air conditioner is equipped with a filter capable of capturing fine particles, including those that are 2.5 micrometers or smaller in size. This is often associated with improved indoor air quality.
  • 4. 100% Copper: This suggests that the internal components of the air conditioner, particularly the heat exchanger coils, are made of copper. Copper is known for its good heat transfer properties and durability.
  • 5. Refrigerant Leakage Detector: This is a safety feature that can detect if there is a refrigerant leak in the system. Refrigerant leaks can be harmful and should be addressed promptly.
  • 6. 1 Year Complete, 10 Year Compressor: This indicates the warranty period for different parts of the air conditioner. It typically means that the entire unit is covered for one year, while the compressor (a critical component) is covered for ten years.
  • 7. Intelligent CRF Alert: CRF might refer to a filter replacement alert, indicating when it's time to replace the air filter for optimal performance and air quality.
  • 8. Turbo Mode: This is a mode that allows the air conditioner to operate at maximum cooling or heating capacity to quickly reach the desired temperature.
  • 9. Auto Swing: This feature allows the air conditioner's louvers to automatically move, distributing cool or warm air evenly throughout the room.
  • 10. Auto Cleanser: This feature suggests that the air conditioner has a self-cleaning function, which helps prevent mold and bacteria buildup on the unit's coils.

model number: 18K KURVE RXI 3 STAR

Details: Description Enjoy the quick chill experience with the white Carrier 1.5 ton KURVE INVERTER split air conditioner. Equipped with twin filters, Bio and Vitamin C, this split AC will provide you healthy and hygienic air. Featuring Follow Me and Louver Position Memory, you will enjoy uniform and quick cooling experience with ease. Depending upon your requirement and comfort level, you can choose among different modes and settings. This Carrier AC offers you modes like Turbo, Sleep, Auto Restart, and Auto Swing. During summers in daytime you can opt for Turbo mode and enjoy quick cooling. Once the room attains the optimum temperature you can switch to Auto Swing mode and feel the cool breeze. Whether there is a power cut or your AC is getting dirty you will not have to bother as this split air conditioner system comes with Auto Restart and Self Clean feature. If there is a power cut your AC will start on its own when power supply resumes. Likewise, when your AC is getting dirty, you only need to switch to the Self Clean mode and it will internally clean the indoor unit on its own.Powerful and sturdy, this Carrier 1.5 ton inverter split air conditioner, comes with DC Inverter and anti rust cabinet. Enjoy efficient and effective cooling with this split AC for years to come. Equipped with independent dehumidification mode, this Carrier AC will be efficient in humid and rainy season. Enjoy fresh and clean air when you install this split AC as it comes with Bio and Vitamin C filter. While, the Bio filter eliminates bacteria, virus and fungi and prevents the air from getting re-polluted, the Vitamin C filter takes care of your skin and also reduces the stress level. Easy to use this Inverter air conditioner, comes with Self Diagnosis, Leakage Detector, LED display and 24 hour timer. With Self Diagnosis and Leakage Detector, the maintenance of this AC will be easy. In the event of any problem in the AC, the Self Diagnosis will give you an error message on the display helping in quick servi

EAN: 8907298083116

Package Dimensions: 57.1 x 13.8 x 13.4 inches


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