Candes Florence 1200mm/48 inch High Speed Anti-dust Decorative 3 Star Rated Ceiling Fan(100% CNC Winding) 405 RPM (2 Yrs Warranty) (Silver Blue, Pack of 1)

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Brand: Candes

Color: Silver Blue


  • Energy Efficient - Low Power Consumption fan designed to save on your electricity bill. Candes Ceiling Fan with High-Speed Consumes Lesser Power Consumption to Deliver Quick and Instant Air Feel. The Ceiling Fan of Candes is Designed with Wider Tip Blades, to Ensure Maximum Comfort, Better Air Spread and Quick Air Delivery
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – High-Speed Ceiling Fan with New Shades and Blades for Enhancing Aesthetics. Roof Fan has a Rust-Proof Coating, Which Prevents Rusting and Ensures the Longer Life of the product. Candes Ceiling Fan is Equipped with High Technology for Smooth Operations
  • High Air Flow - Consistent Speed Even at Low Voltage. The Ceiling Fan from Candes Runs with No Drop in Speed During Voltage Fluctuations. The Ceiling Fan Allowing You to Enjoy Consistent Airflow even during power outages. The Roof Ceiling Fan has a Strong and Powerful Motor that Ensures Durability and Reliability
  • Sleek and Unique Design – Candes Ceiling Fan has a Sleek and Modern Design that Elevates the Decor of Your Entire Room. The Ceiling Fan for Home is Designed with Large Blades to Offer an Airflow to Instantly Fill the Room with Cool and Comforting Air
  • Easy to Clean – Ceiling Fan for Living Room Ensures Easy Hassle-Free Cleaning of the Blade Surface and Especially Along the Edges, Where Dust Generally Gathers. Dust Resistant Blades Ensure Easy Maintenance and Longevity of the Product

model number: Florence

Details: Known for speed, style and energy efficiency, Candes Fans has something for every home, office & commercial space. By adding this stylish Candes Ceiling Fan you can give your room a complete new & elegant look & make sure that you stay cool, light, and breezy all through the year. This ceiling fan has 3 wide & broad blades which are aerodynamically balanced to facilitate higher air delivery, high air spread & full air thrust for a pleasant cooling during the hot weather. The Candes 1200mm (48 inch) Ceiling Fan has a powerful and efficient motor which gives you a strong air delivery. It offers high-speed performance to give you the best of both worlds - aesthetics and utility. Also, this fan have a noise free and wobble free operation which gives you perfect usage convenience. They are made from materials that are dust-free which offers easy cleaning, are corrosion-resistant are rust free and have a long-lasting use, making this a must buy. The fan is equipped to work even at low voltage for uninterrupted cooling. This super ceiling fan consumes very less power which makes it an energy-efficient and budget-friendly cooling option for your home or office. It offers 30% energy savings and lets you enjoy the best cooling comfort. Sealed Double Ball Bearing - This ensures long lasting durability & save you the hassle of frequent maintenance costs. Reliable Use - Thanks to this fan CNC Pattern winding motor, you can experience reliable use. High-speed Performance - This ceiling fan will not only enhance the look of your home, but it also offers efficient us. 50watt is without load (without blade) and 74w is with blade.

Package Dimensions: 21.0 x 9.0 x 8.9 inches


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