Cake Turn Table Combo Set Cake Rotating Stand Set Cake Icing Tool Set Cake Scrapper Decorating Sculpting Spatula Pallet Knife Baking Tools Set


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This baking tool set is ideal for both fresher and experienced bakers for baking purposes for all occasions. Cake Turn table has a 28 cm diameter and is made up of good quality food grade plastic material. You can now easily place your cake on the turn table and can scrape it with 4 unique scrappers provided. Also, you can easily apply icing on the top and on the sides of the cake conveniently by rotating the turn table with the help of the icing set provided. Icing knives are made up of good quality stainless steel material. They have smoother surface and does not have sharp edges or rough corners. Ideal for spreading icing, cream on the cakes. 4 different scrappers serves different purposes. straight edge scraper suitable for cutting or mixing, arc scraper suitable for mixing curved edge, tooth scraper suitable for the production of cream cake etc. An ideal and a must have kitchen tool set.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Baking Tools & Accessories
Material: Plastic
Length: 25.4 (in cm)
Width: 17.78 (in cm)
Height: 3.81 (in cm)
Country of Origin: China
Usability : Reusable
Packaging : Multi packed
Weight(in kg):0.27
Brands: Unbranded


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