Bodyfirst Whey 22 With 22g Protein, 5.12g Bcaa To Boost Lean Muscle, Improve Performance And Post Workout Recovery

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Weight: 2KG
Flavour: Chocolate
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Brand : Body First
About this item
Boosts Lean Muscle
Improves Performance
Post Workout Recovery
Prohydrolase helps boost lean muscle.It helps in enhancing lean muscle gain, as prohydrolase is designed to maximize the performance benefits of protein assisting the body in absorbing the essential Amino Acids.
During intense workouts the breakdown of muscle increases, BodyFirst Whey 22 helps to enhance muscle repair and synthesis. Also enhances the performance during the workouts.
Protein Consumption after exercise provides your muscle with the Amino Acids that are needed to repair and rebuild the muscles. Getting enough protein after exercise helps to repair the muscles.


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