Body First Ultimate Whey - Blend Of Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate With Digestive Enzymes, 24g Protein, 5.6g Bcaa, 32 Servings

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Brand : Body First
About this item
HIGHER PROTEIN ABSORPTION : It comprises whey protein isolate and concentrate of excellent quality, as well as the protease enzyme. The enzymes efficiently and swiftly break down whey protein, allowing for improved digestion and absorption while reducing protein losses through excretion.
20% MORE AMINO ACIDS : The enzymes, in conjunction with whey protein, increase protein bioavailability, increasing the availability of key amino acids by 20% more rate.
BETTER AND FASTER DIGESTION : Since it is highly bioavailable and switly broken down it can be easily absorbed by the body. Within 20 minutes of consumption, 90% of protein is absorbed in the body.
BOOSTS MUSCLE RECOVERY : The more it is absorbed , it helps in muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness.
WHO CAN CONSUME: Healthy adults aiming at quality nutrition. Individuals who want to fulfill their protein requirement. Vegetarians who are unable to meet their daily protein. Gym goers / athletes / sportsmen and others who are into physical training & intense physical activity.


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