Body First Ultimate Recovery, Post Workour Supplement - Informed Sport Certified For Muscle Recovery, Strength, Endurance & Performance, Builds Muscle Mass - Unflavoured, 325gm

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Weight: 325g
Flavour: Lychee
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Brand : Body First
About this item
REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT FOR MUSCLE RECOVERY: BodyFirst Ultimate Recovery is a scientifically designed, most advanced choice for muscle recovery. HMB appears to be the main metabolite of Leucine that more effectively prevents the breakdown of muscle protein, thus helps in faster muscle recovery.
IMPROVES STRENGTH & ENDURANCE: HMB is well known and proven to improve strength and endurance, especially when taken around your workouts. When HMB is readily available in your blood stream, the second you start tearing down your muscle fibers, HMB starts its magic rebuilding them, bigger and stronger.
SUPPORTS EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: HMB with L-Arginine and L-Glutamine supplementation works to improve aerobic exercise performance, and is believed to increase power output. It is also thought to help athletes use oxygen more efficiently.
BUILDS LEAN MUSCLE: HMB is stored and used to build, maintain, and repair muscle cells. HMB gives your muscle tissues the building blocks it needs to pack on lean muscle, easier.
QUALITY ASSURED: Sugar Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan


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