Body First Bcaa Bone Health - Intra Workout Supplement With Fermented 2:1:1 Bcaa (7g) With Aquamin Magnesium For Muscle Recovery, Endurance & Healthy Bones, 30 Servings

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Weight: 240g
Flavour: Mix Berry
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Brand : Body First
About this item
PERFECT COMBINATION: BodyFirst BCAA Bone Health is formulated using the perfect combination of 7gm BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine) along with Aquamin Magnesium.
FERMENTED BCAA: BodyFirst BCAA is derived from plant fermentation. Not from hairs or feathers.
EXCELLENT PRE/INTRA WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT: When supplemented before and during your workout session, BCAAs act as a source of energy preventing muscle breakdown. BCAAs have also shown to have an effect on reducing muscle fatigue and muscle soreness by impacting certain neurotransmitters and enzymes in the body.
ADVANTAGES OF MAGNESIUM: BodyFirst BCAA Bone Health contains Aquamin Magnesium which helps in reducing the risk of bone fractures by improving bone mineral density.


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