Body First® Tocotrienol | Super Vitamin-e Derived From Red Oil Palm | Antioxidant | Hair & Skin Benefits | 60 Capsules

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Brand: Body First
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BodyFirst Tocotrienol overcomes the drawback of poor absorption and low bioavailbilty of regular Tocortienol by using EVNol Suprabio Tocotrienol, which is not only a full spectrum Vitamin E complex but also increases the absorption of orally supplemented tocotrienol in the blood and accumulation into vital organs delivering visible benefits.
Antioxidant- Tocorienol posesses unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are superior to those of simple vitamin E against chronic diseases.
Skin & Hair health- Being a superior antioxidant, Tocotrienol may help reverse or slow skin damange due to free radicals.
Heart Health- Along with being capable to reduce the power of cardiovascular health risk factors such as impact of high cholestrol etc, it also reduces and reverses inflammation and free radical damage that undermines heart health.
Brain Health- Tocotrienols are powered to fight a specific inflammatory factor that is related to brain health problems.


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