AJOOM Home Decoration Items Wind Chimes for Home Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Hanging for Positive Energy 1roof


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Feng Shui Metal Wind Chime Pipes Hanging For Positive Energy. Comes In Colour Golden. Paradigm Originals Ganpati Ganesha Bell Hanging Accessory For Rear View Mirror Car Decor - Handcrafted In Brass With Antique Finish - Prefect Car Hanging Accessory This massive windchime consists of six recycled aluminium recycled tubes, with durable black powder finish. The thick tubing wall creates a long lasting sound and each tube is carefully tuned. Complete with a sturdy s shaped hook, allowing this chie to be hung anywhere from a tree to under a roof overhang. Strung with rot-proof nylon line with a robust green 'S'-hook at the top for easy hanging, this chime also features a 'mute' button - a small plastic toggle immediately below the striker which allows this to be moved down so it does not make contact with the chimes, thereby reducing noise levels if it is very windy.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Wind Chimes
Material: Other
Length: 15.0 (in inches)
Width: 15.0 (in inches)
Country of Origin: India



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