8 Pcs Colorful Butterfly Wall Decals Removable DIY 3D Art Crafts Butterflies Flower Wall Stickers for Home Offices Classroom School Room Girls Bedroom Wall Decorations


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Product Features: ? translucent material can be attached to any background color of the walls, tiles, glass, furniture, and other smooth surface material ? product distribution sponge glue, removable, misplaced, or removed in time to remove the next time, will not be residual glue stains will not be affixed to the surface of the impact of pro-after removing the wall stickers, do not pull hard, Can be removed slowly, and can not be removed for all the walls can be, if the wall is not done at the end of the embryo, can not seize the table paint; wall paint is not completely dry; paint decoration mixed with dust impurities, These walls will be removed if accidentally caused wall paint defects, it is recommended to use the best hair dryer to remove after heating)

Country of Origin: India

Returnable: No


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