2 Pc Waterproof Shower Curtain For Bathroom With 16 Hooks(set Content : 2 Shower Curtain Set)


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Your home is your sanctuary. Ensuring it is safe and clean for your family is a top priority. With the ARADENT mildew resistant shower curtain liner made from durable, PVC material you can feel confident that you're providing a healthy environment in your bathroom. This liner is the perfect partner to just about any shower curtain. It doesn't detract from the style of your curtain and fits any standard size shower. Enjoy your shower without worrying about unhealthy mildew and chemicals.

Fabric: PVC
Type: Other
Length: 84.0 (in inches)
Width: 54.0 (in inches)
Usability: Reusable

Product Type: Curtains

Packed Items: Multi Packed



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